WWF Wrestlemania is incredibly fun and addictive even if fighting games wrestling don't interest you.  The funny commentary from the announcers and characters were all digitized from the actual Wrestling personalities themselves.  The Wrestlers have exaggerated and wacky moves based on their characters wrestling persona.  The game has some pretty ridiculous combos that are great eye candy as well as fun to pull off on your friends while playing.  The only weak point about this game is that there aren't many Wrestlers to choose from.  I didn't play this until it hit the home version on the Playstation one. 

    This JAMMA Plus PCB is nearly identical to Mortal Kombat 3 PCB with the exception of a couple of ROM's.  The pin-outs for the kick buttons are also identical.  This made it a painless and easy to install in my Mult-Jamma Mortal Kombat.

































Manufacturer:  Midway

Released:  1995

Programmed by Mark Turmell, Sal DiVita, and Jamie Rivett

Purchased:  2002

Condition:  PCB Only - Working 100%


Wrestlemania Sounds

Game Start and some game play



     While being credited with programming WWF Wrestlemania and other games for Midway, Sal Divita is better known for his work on the Mortal Kombat series.  He is immortally motion captured and digitized in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 playing Nightwolf, Cyrax, Sektor and Smoke.

     Sal has worked on other great games such as NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Crus'n USA and Revolution-X.