Manufacturer:  Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Production Run:  7,008 units   

Released:  January 1993

Design Team:

Game Design: Dennis Nordman
John Youssi
Software: Mike Boon
Sound: Chris Granner
Chris Granner

Purchased:  6/2005

Sold:  8/2005

Repurchased:  1/2013


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Big Foot at Habo's Arcade!I was able to check out a White Water (WW, WH20 or WH2O) at Funhouse Amusements that had been just been "shopped".  After playing it in Jay's showroom I can see why its such a popular pin.  The fun atmosphere is immediately apparent from taking a glance at the translite and cabinet artwork.   WH20 was voted one of the top 10 most enjoyable and collectable pins in 2003 through 2006 voted by pinball enthusiasts.  To see all top 50 pinball machines visit Allen Shope's Treasure Cove.

From top to bottom, WH20's imaginative artwork, playfield and rule set is used to recreate taking a country white water river adventure on the way to Wet Willies. The topper for this pin features a very cool animated waterfall.  To achieve the effect, the  topper has a string of chasing lights at the bottom that reflect off of the top marquee.  The blinking lights make the water appear to be flowing (polar motion).  Greg Freres remembered the idea for designing the topper from his experience in advertising.  The playfield has 6 translucent ramps and one wire frame ramp for fast action that is truly gratifying to play, especially shooting a pinball down insanity falls.   The whirlpool ramp slowly funnels the pinball around until it finally disappears into the playfield and shoots out of the lost mine.  There is even an encounter with Big Foot to top off your outdoor country adventure.  Big foot will try to prevent you from entering the cave all while keeping a devilish smile on his face.  The fury Big foot toy moves his head and arms on certain shots for added fun.  WH20 is an incredibly fast paced pinball that requires quick reflexes.  The pin balls are constantly on the move in a loop somewhere on the playfield.  Multi-ball on WH20 is just plain madness.  WH20 is one of the better lit pins that I've seen as you can view the entire playfield even when playing in the dark. The jam-packed playfield comes with a healthy amount of challenging shots and features that will have one coming backWet Willies at Habo's Arcade! to explore its nuances for a long time.

I owned this WH20 a few months then traded it for a Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  The game was eventually sold to good friends of mine.  After eight years it was repurchased and now resides in the collection again.  What an extremely fun and exciting pin to play.  It's no wonder why it's such a popular pin.


Did you know?

Cow 1: During Attract mode, with no credits, press the following sequence:
3L, 1S, 15R, 1S, 23L, 1S

Cow 2: During Bigfoot Hotfoot, the fifth item in Bigfoot´s Cave is a cow.

Cow 3: When the cow in Bigfoot´s Cave has been collected, getting the Mystery Canyon as a Whirlpool Award will show a picture of the Spirit pulling a string on the legless cow. A loud "moo" is heard.
This picture can also be seen very briefly in the Vacation Bonus award.

Cow 4: When you shoot "Disaster Drop" there's a display effect where you see a splash of water coming at you. At the end of the effect, when the water splashes, there it is: in the lower left corner of the display.
You have to look very carefully because you can only see it in a fraction of a second.

On the backglass, the man with the surprised look on his face is artist John Youssi.