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Much of Rods dialog is a result of hitting the yellow skill shot or slot machine to activate one of the 15 door prizes.  Others are there to add to the Twilight Zone atmosphere.  Check out the Twilight Zone Sounds on the main page to listen to most of the phrases.


"You unlock this door with the key of imagination."

Said when starting a new game. 


"Not an ordinary day"

A statement by Ron that he says randomly at the beginning of a new game. 

"...nor an ordinary place."

Randomly added to the above statement to add subtlety


"Ten million points."

Said after shooting the yellow skill shot for the 10 Million point door prize.


"An opportunity awaits you in the form of an extra... ball."

Said when an extra ball is lit.  Shoot the extra ball to see and hear "Talking Tina"


"The spiral awaits you."

Said after the The Spiral door prize is shot.  3 Spirals can be shot for a total of 35 Million points


"This shot requires skill - super skill." "Be careful..."

Said after activating the Super Skill Shoot and ball is feed back to the plunger. 


"Note the Hitchhiker... there, by the side of the road."

Yellow skill shot lighting the Hitch Hiker will make Rod sound this off.


"It seems that one of life's payoffs is ahead."

Rod says this when the Super Slot is activated with the yellow skill shot.  This shot can be made multiple times for additional door prizes.


"This clock... is worth millions."

Said after the Clock Millions round is started.  The clock will turn counting out 12 hours then round ends.


"The stakes are higher - in the Twilight Zone."

Rod says this after the yellow skill shot is made for the Greed round 


"There. See what... Greed will get you?"

This is said by Rod after the Greed round.


"It's time to tune in to - the Twilight Zone."

Rod announces this Fast Lock mode has been started.  A radio animation starts with radio tuning into sounds from other Pat Lawlor pins


"Time is a one-way street - except in... the Twilight Zone."

Said after the Clock Chaos door prize has been activated. 


"It is a most unusual camera."

Rod points this out after the Camera shot has been lit.


"There is madness in town square."

Said after Town Square yellow skill shot has been made. 


"This is no ordinary gumball machine."

Another door prize that Rod announces has been lit for shooting. 


"You've just crossed into... the Twilight Zone."

Said before starting one of the 5 multi-ball rounds in Twilight Zone


"Big risk, big reward... in the Twilight Zone."

If your bonus adds up to be over 100 Million, Rod says this at the end of a round.


"Things are not as they first appear..."

Said if a ball is lost within 20 seconds after a player buys in.


"Never underestimate the power of the Twilight Zone"

Said if a player is unable to defeat the Power on the mini playfield


"You've just reached the end of your journey... survival is everything."

Rod says this after the player shoots the 15th door panel (question mark) and begins the  "Lost in the Zone" 6 ball multball.  All pinball's are release with nearly all game modes are lit.  The clock will turn counting out 12 hours then the round ends and the "Lost in the Zone" points are tallied. 


"That was neither an ordinary game, nor an ordinary player."

Rod announces this after a player gets to enter their initials to record a high score.



Source:  The Twilight Zone Game Rules by Bowen Kerins




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