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TRON: Legacy Pinball at Habo's Arcade - DiscTRON: Legacy by Stern Inc is the Pinball machine themed after Disney's 2010 movie of the same name. The game features an incredible lenticular 3D backglass that brings the filmís characters and story to life. TRON: Legacy Pinball also features exciting sound bites from the filmís main characters, as well music from the filmís original score.

You are Sam Flynn on the Grid against Clu and Rinsler. The game features multi-ball rounds themed around scenes from the film: ride the two ramps for Light Cycle battles on different levels of the Grid; defeat the motorized Recognizer target bank to expose Rinslerís spinning Identity Disc; or fire the ball from Rinslerís Disc to simulate a Disc War. There are numerous play features for characters in the film, including Kevin Flynn, Gem, Zuse, Quorra and Clu. Play all features to escape the Grid through the Portal.

John Borg designed the playfield and is known for creating great pins such as Guns N Roses, Iron Man and X-Men. Pinball Hall of Fame artist John Youssi designed the art package and David Thiel engineered the sound.

This pin is following Stern's newer business model being released a "Pro" and "Limited Edition" or LE featured on this page.  The LE had a limited run of 400 with more features and some supplemental game rules.  Here is a list of extras included on the LE:

  • Chrome trim on the side rails, backbox hinges, speaker panels and lock bar

  • Playfield has an extra screened layer of silver paint

  • Optical fiber light tubes lining the ramps

  • Metal Apron with colored insert panels which are lit from beneath with flashers

  • Motorized Recognizer

  • Standup T R O N targets

  • Additional LED control lights on the playfield including Recognizer lights

  • End of Line aka "Daft Punk" Multiball

The artwork is very appealing with deep blue hues, yellows and amber.  The overall blue look of the cab, playfield and translite works with the TRON theme.  The cabinet art is slightly pixilated like other Stern artwork but honestly when lined up next to other pins in a collection or arcade you hardly notice. 

The translite is the iconic image of Clu/Flynn from the movie and it's in 3D. The artwork is identical to Disney's movie and DVD poster but using a lenticular process making some aspects 3D'ish.  It's pretty well done although the vehicles and ships are a little blurry. 

The DMD has some excellent digitized clips from the movie.  In Tron Legacy, Sam jumps into his light cycle speeding away is pretty awesome and the DMD animation is equally as awesome.   The recognizer animation that occurs after hitting one of the 3 stationary targets is also my favorite.  This pin is so fast though that taking you're eyes off the playfield long will yield to a quick drain.  Still the DMD is important and the clips and animation are done well.   I just wish Stern would utilize the entire DMD instead of wasting a quarter of it. 

The light show: This has to be the best light shows in any pin from any era. The ramps feature a first in pinball...LED/fiber optic lining the ramps.  The ramps color and intensity can be precisely controlled and are mesmerizing.  You really have to see them appreciate the effect as no pictures or videos will do them justice. They pulse with the music/modes and change color depending upon the shot hit or mode started.

The game play is FUN and FAST. It's one of the fastest Stern's I've played in a long time.  Stern outdid themselves as far as super fast flow is concerned. The ramp shots feel fantastic and the third flipper is a welcome addition. The right ramp shot is a little difficult to make but gratifying.  The GEM shot is a mini orbit of sorts that feeds into the pop-bumpers.  Its a difficult shot to make but does provide a high bonus for the risk.

The spinning disc behind the Recognizer target bank is easily the coolest spinning disc in any pin.  The Recognizer targets drop similar to Attack from Mars and Spiderman.  While it's a one of the main objectives it's not an overly used shot in the pin. The wild and absolutely random effects it has on the pinball is amazing.  It was suspected at first that there was a magnet aiding in the effect but to much surprise there wasn't.  The pinball will dribble out 3 or 4 in a row then shoot the next one out with enough backspin to walk it back up the playfield.  The next shot to the spinner might eject one at your flipper so fast you can barely react.  It's very deceiving since there are no markings on it to give any indication it's spinning. 

The playfield has a "Flynn's Arcade" section with a mini "Tron" arcade game sitting on top of the games scoop.  Hobbyist have already modded and upgraded this toy or replacing it with a much detailed one.  Mark's Tron Arcade Cab 2.1 is the best featuring an OLED screen with Tron attract mode playing.  It even has black light reflective plastic joystick and spinner which light up.  A lit Flynn Arcade sign is also a nice mod to add to the area.  The Recognizer is also something that has been modded with additional LED's to the front and underneath.  Kimball's Recognizer Mod is exceptional and has several options available.  Two light cycle toys adorn the upper ramps reenacting the light cycle dual in the movie.  These have also modded to light up when a pinball triggers a ramp gate. 

There are multiple multiball modes and on the Limited Edition, you get an extra mode:  "End of Line" or DAFT PUNK multiball.  By hitting both ramps to spell out DAFT PUNK twice will trigger the mode featuring music by the duo.  How cool is that?

The latest update of the code v1.74 on 2/11/2013 really improves upon a great thing.  The lighting and graphics have been tweaked to near perfection.  Players have the chance to restart Disk multiball which is welcomed.  Combos have also been worked...

Jarvis Combo - Quorra -> Side Ramp
Siren Combo - Quorra -> Gem
Rinzler Combo - Right Orbit -> Side Ramp
End Of Line Combo - Right Orbit -> Gem
Castor Combo - Left Ramp -> Left Loop
Last ISO Combo - Left Ramp -> Quorra
3-Man Light Jet Combo - Quorra -> Side Ramp -> Right Orbit
Ricochet Combo - Quorra -> Side Ramp -> Right Orbit -> Gem
Light Cycle Combo - Left Ramp -> Quorra -> Side Ramp
Light Runner Combo - Left Ramp -> Quorra -> Side Ramp -> Right Orbit
The Grid Combo - Left Ramp -> Quorra -> Side Ramp -> Right Orbit -> Gem

The Grid


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Manufacturer:   Stern Pinball Inc.`

Production Run:  400

Released:  June 2011

Design Team:

Software: Lyman Sheats, Lonnie Ropp and Tom Uban

Game Design: John Borg

Artwork:  John Youssi

Sound and Music: David Theil


My Tron LE

Date of Manufacture:  August, 2011

Serial Number:  338

Purchased:  July 2011

Condition:  HUO

Mr. Pinball's Price Guide: 

- 2011


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Tron Movie Sounds

Castor I'm Castor...

Castor - Libations...

Castor - Quite the Ride...

Castor - Stepping Out...

Computer - Release Rinzler...

Flynn - the Grid...

Flynn - You're messing with my Zen thing man