Manufacturer:  Bally Midway

Released:  1982

World Record:  4,580,031

Purchased:  July, 2004

Sold:  January, 2005


Tron Quick Reference

Tron LE Pinball

Tron Mini Bezel


Tron Flyer

Tron:  the Game

Tron Sector




Tron the movie was released 7/9/82 grossing $4.7 million its first weekend.  The movie went on to gross $27 million domestically with a budget of approximately $20 million.

















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Tron with blacklight on

        Tron was an eBay purchase that was for pick up only.  I picked it up along with Burgertime from Virginia Beach in a mini bulk buy.  You can save a lot of money by picking up a game instead of shipping one.  The money you pay for shipping is almost as much as some games cost to buy so it is worth your time and effort.  A buddy of mine and I made the trip and had to move both games down four flights of stairs.  It was a hot  summer day making it even more challenging.  I remember seeing and playing it for the first time at Landover Mall in Maryland. 



        The owners stated that the game was 100% working but there was no sound when I arrived to pick it up.  They knocked $50 off the price and everything was peachy again.  The monitor looked like it was brand new - sharp with no burn.  After getting it home and poking around inside I found that the sound pot harness had come unplugged.  Once plugged in there was sound but it was very low and with a lot of static.  A terminal on the sound pot had to be re-soldered.  The static was coming from 2 sources.  A connector from the speaker ground came loose and was vibrating on the speaker.  The connector had to also be re-soldered.  The static was corrected when I replaced the MCR cables with new SCSI cables (see pics).  I also replaced the corroding battery on the power supply with a lithium battery kit from Bob Roberts.  Any corrosion was scrubbed off with a toothbrush and vinegar. 


    Control Panel

     The control panel was really worn and had a few tears as well.  It also had some rust under the control panel probably from a spilled soda.  I removed the old control panel and replaced it with a great reproduction from ArcadeShop.  While I was at it I replaced the spinner decal.


    Painting and Final Touches

     Cosmetically the Tron was very nice but the inside of the cabinet where it was painted black there were minor nicks and scratches.  I cleaned and sanded any rough spots then masked all the wood grain portions of the cabinet.  I primed and painted everything with 2 coats of Rustoleum Primer and Satin Black each.  I sanded everything again in between prime coats to be thorough.


        After surfing the web one day I found out that the Tron mini had a bezel that mine didn't have.   Alan Estenson was nice enough to give me a cleaned scan of his original mini bezel after posting a question in the RGVAC forum.  He used his original bezel as a guide and spent about 10 hours redrawing it from scratch using the scan as a pattern.  The scan is available to download on the left thanks to Alan!!!

























































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