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     I still haven't had a chance to do a write up on this one yet .  I will say that the game was the most beautiful pinball I've ever seen in my life.


Did you know?

When you get Bazaar awards, quickly hit both flippers. Do this for three awards and the fourth award will be a cow worth 1M.

Start the Great Camel Race with Bazaar lit and when you make the first Symbol shot a moo is heard. Now shoot the Bazaar immediately and hit both flippers. There´s that cow again!

At very rare occasions the phrase "Move Your Car...pet!" can be heard.

Start Attract mode: keep right flipper button down, press left flipper button five times.

The Backglass:

"Fullers II" at the bow of the sailing ship. Fullers II is a bar on the northwest side of Chicago.
"Karen LK Jack" at both sides of the bow of the sloop. Karen & Jack are the names on the dingy, they both bartend at Fullers II.
"Ketch u at Scotty's" on the beaker in the Sultans hand. Refers to Scott Ketchum.
He used to run Scotty's bar on Long Lake near Hayward in northwest Wisconsin.
"Freddy Jones" on the water pipe. Backglass artist Pat McMahon is a fan of theFreddy Jones Band, a local Chicago band
that has had some moderate success in the US.
"Bennet s" on one of the pots of gold just below the hero. Refers to Bennet Snyder, a plant worker who had more
than just a passing interest in belly dancers. He provided artist Pat McMahon with photos to aid in the costuming of the female figures.
"Maxi" on the other pot of gold. Actually just "Max", artist Pat McMahon´s nickname since grammer school.
"DZ" on the stirrup on the horse. Dave Zabriski, responsible for the music.
"JP" on the horses´ harness. John Papadiuk, game designer.
"J" on the thiefs´ jacket. J was the initial of the guy that artist Pat McMahon patterned the face after.

The Playfield:

"taaSuts" (?) on the dagger on the ramp diverter plastic. Pat McMahon: "Think I misspelled this one. My spelling checker suggest tarsus, but I
consider a reference to a birds bone unlikely."
"Imax/Wade" on the Playfield at the base of the sword blade. "Imax", is actually just Max.(Pat´s nickname again.)
Pat McMahon: "I'm driving myself nuts trying to remember what, or who the hell Wade is."
"H.W. - the ball is wild" at the exit of the Jet return lane. A quote from Harry Williams.
"wade" near the head of the tiger in the loop. Wade is Wade Domet, a friend/mentor of John's from Toronto. Wade was on
the WCS94 backglass, he's shooting the ball in the net.
"DOHO" to the left of the right slingshot.
"zab" to the right of the left slingshot. Refers to Dave Zabriski.
"Pop 2nd" under the right slingshot. This one together with...
"Duke lnk" under the left slingshot could make Popadiuk.

Cats are thanked  for their "feline support" during Attract mode.






































































Tales of the Arabian Nights - Princess



Manufacturer:  Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Production Run:  3,128 units

Released:  May 1996

Design Team:

Game Design: John Popadiuk
Pat McMahon
Software: Louis Koziarz
Sound and Music: Dave Zabriskie

World Record:  368,045,900

Serial Number:  53347102928

Date of Manufacturer:  8/29/96

Purchased:  October 2005

Condition:  Very close 10.  Completely Shopped and Working 100%


Tales of the Arabian Nights - DMD


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