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Manufacturer:  Midway

Released:  1991

Purchased:  2002

Condition:  PCB Only - Working 100%


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    Super High Impact is another game that I didn't play in the arcades much but became a fan of it on the Sega Genesis - remember that home system?.  This is the sequel to High Impact and where Midway developed the idea for the NFL Blitz series.  The graphics and animation show their age by today's standards.  The game still has enough bells and whistles to make it entertaining even after all these years.  Some of the sound bytes are pretty funny and make game play interesting.  You can usually pick this one up fairly cheap off of eBay for your standard JAMMA cabinet.   

    This PCB is installed in my Mult-Jamma Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately, I cant play any of the Blitz series as they require a medium resolution monitor to play them.


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