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  This rare Robotron cabaret isn't mine but is from another collector.  This is 1 of 2 prototype Robotron and has different features that weren't made available in the arcades.  It was used for Williams test engineers to work on coding and game play features. The most obvious difference is the  stenciled artwork is done in black white and grey.  A more subtle difference is an additional button on the coin-door.  Following the wiring in the photos show's that this button allows for the game play to be paused and restarted.  The monitor bezel makes mention shooting UFO's, jumping and even save points.  These instructions were borrowed from another Williams title Moon Patrol and was used as filler. 















Manufacturer:  Williams

Released:  1982

World Record:  945,550

Monitor:  Horizontal

Number of Players:  2

Cabinets Type:  Cabaret


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