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Robotron Grunts at Habo's Arcade!


"...Inspired by his never ending quest for progress, in 2084 man perfects the Robotrons a robot species so advanced that man is inferior to his own creation. Guided by their infallible logic, the Robotrons conclude: The human race is inefficient, and therefore must be destroyed.

You are the last hope of mankind. Due to a genetic engineering error, you possess superhuman powers. Your mission is to stop the Robotrons, and save the last human family: Mommy, Daddy, and Mikey..."


        Robotron 2084 is another revolutionary game designed by Vid Kidz Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar.  It's part of the survival/rescue game series that featured Defender, Stargate, and Blaster, Robotron was released during the peak of the video game craze in 1982. 

           Jarvis was inspired by playing Berzerk while having a broken hand.  Moving and shooting at the same time was difficult under the circumstances.  The addition of a second joystick to fire in any direction gave players a great deal of freedom in the 2D playfield. 

        The gameplay of Robotron can only be described as panicked and intense.  Most players  speak of a "Zen" like state of mind when playing well.  The player only has several seconds to surmise a strategy before energizing into the center of the playfield.  All enemies target and converge to your location.  Always outnumbered but never outgunned, Robotron has an unlimited amount of ammunition.  This gives the player a feeling of balance when the odds are against you. 








Manufacturer:  Williams

Released:  1982

Monitor:  Horizontal

Number of Players:  2

Cabinets Type:  Cabaret

Serial Number:



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