Anthony and the gang at QA do a great job at restoring video games.  They are all collectors themselves and enjoy their work.  I've bought several games from there including Mappy and a Megatouch.  Excellent web layout with trivia to boot!

 Steven's Arcadeshop is great site with that sells vid and pin parts including spot on  repro artwork.  Everything from programmable JAMMA boards to Monitors Chassis can be found here.  They even sell fully restored classic vids.  Steven has a pretty in depth troubleshooting section for Galaga boards also.  My Tron Mini was restored using Steven's repro CPO.
     Bob and Alice are my favorite people to buy arcade parts from.  Lots of small and hard to find items can be found here for your gaming needs.  Bob also has a lot of helpful info on his page to reference.  Bob and Alice are located in Louisiana and even after Katrina, its business as usual so make sure to send your support.
     Chris's coin-op and pinball flyer key chains are on everything I own.  He also offers pin and Video game related items such as T-Shirts, mugs and mouse pads.

     Lloyd  has tons of games ready to be restored in his warehouse at reasonable prices.  If you need a part he can usually find one and ship it to you quickly.
     Darin Jacobs is known to be the best in the business for vid and pin reproduction artwork. 
     Clay Cowgill sells unique multi game kits and enhancements that are fairly straight forward to install and very reliable.  I used his mult-jamma kit to combine all my Mortal Kombats into one game cabinet.  
     Clay Cowgill also owns a very cool arcade that I wish I lived closer to!
     Hard core video game hobbyist with the best technical resource for Pac man and Galaga game boards.  He has a nice tutorial on identifying different Molex connector. 
     Another Great place for reproduction artwork and hard to find pin parts.
     Incredible detailed reviews on new and relevant pinball and video game items.   All the items that you always wanted to buy but were afraid to are covered right here.
     Todd at TNT Amusements has a huge selection of vids and pins for sale.  He also has one of the largest personal collections of mini or cabaret video games.  Todd has a rare   Berzerk Cabaret.  Could it be the only one left?
HAPP Controls       Huge online selection of new original  recommended manufacturer parts.
     If you need a replacement ROM or special hard to find ROM burned then Hobby ROMS is the solution.  My Assault was upgraded to Assault Plus with their help. 



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KLOV is the go to site for video game information.  I think of them a video game encyclopedia.

TAFA has tons of video game flyers scanned and posted on their site.  A lot of the contributors to this site are collectors themselves like Dan Hower of Coin-op Video Games.

     The Dot Eaters Video Game History tells the 40 year story of how video games started out and infiltrated the lives of so many. 

     Arcade Archive has an incredible array of pictures, videos and reference material to carouse through.  A very interesting place to visit.
ION Pool      ION Pool is another web with a cavalcade of technical information and reference documents to pour over.  There is just to much to describe here. 

     Want to know the high score for Burgertime, Crazy Climber or Twilight Zone?  Twin Galaxies are the record keepers of the Universe. 

Recreation Game Video  Arcade Collecting

     Google newsgroup to browse and post coin-op information.  The newsgroups can be a great resource for researching and troubleshooting previously encountered game problems 

Recreation Game Video Arcade Marketplace

     Decent place for buying, selling or trading video games.  Buyer beware though - Do your research on people selling and their reputations.  Most are genuinely good people and cool to deal with.


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HANDS DOWN This is the best looking and authentic home arcades you will ever come across.  Peter creates the arcade atmosphere with black lights and  black light carpeting.  Great web-design with an well organized link section.

The Appolo's have an awesome arcade and web with great info on restoring your video game.  There's also a detailed instructions for wrapping a game for shipping.

     Tim has hacks for Crazy Climber, Bagman, Tron, Discs of Tron, Strike Force and Make Trax.  His Multi Game Switch for use with a Multi Jamma setup helped me in creating my Mortal Kombats

Chris Alcott

the Riddler's Realm

Great 80's inspired home arcade an immaculate collection.

This site features links to other collectors, auction results, manuals and arcade sounds.  You cant beat having a streaming web-cam either!

Another great collection of arcade classics to covet.
Home of Arcade 84 music videos and other great animated shorts.  There is a great page of "Games That Time Forgot" with videos and critiques of what could have made them better.  Check out the insane Defender 3 page.
Crazy Kong Arcade  Lots of good game reference material and artwork found here.
Dan has a super clean collection of games and incredibly interesting web-site featuring actual sounds of him playing games as a kid.
Dave is a great guy that has a lot of interesting info on his site for new and seasoned collectors.  He's a game collector, Treky and author of several books including his new extensive price guide to classic video games.  One of my favorite sites to visit.
Jon a.k.a "Evil Exidy" has a ton of classic games and always has a lead on the rare ones.  My Berzerk and Carnevil  both came from Jon.  Thanks again buddy!
ARCADE Stuff Cool little site with good information on Multi-PCB JAMMA boards and MAME


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