Jay at FA is the only one I'll go to for pins.  He's the most upfront and  honest person in the business.  All of his pins are high caliber cosmetically and mechanically.   His customer service and technical ability comes highly recommended.  I even work there from time to time.
Big Bang Bar Merchandise for your arcade!  Shot glasses, t-shirts, baseball hats, baseball bats.  One of my favorites is a keychain with sounds bytes from the pin. 
Pinbits sells game specific protectors for your playfield and plastics.  They also sell a complete kit to MOD your Twilight Zone with oober cool 3rd magnet.  This is also the only place to buy all the protectors for your Big Bang Bar.
This company reproduces plastics and playfields that can be incredibly difficult to find undamaged by years of abuse.  I've purchased their Black Hole and Haunted House clear plexi.  I can't stress enough how gorgeous they make the game look!!!  They truly make a 28 year old game look brand new and they stand by their work.
Pinball parts store that has fast shipping a lot of game specific parts.  Bay Area is the cheapest place to get Rudy's Jaw Motor for your Funhouse.
Huge online catalog of parts to browse and is also has very quick shipping.
High End Pins Christopher Hutchins - The place to go when you absolutely and positively want the highest grade of restoration done to a pinball machine - period.  Chris has a reputation of making your old pin look and play better than the manufactures built them.
Allen Shope sells a nifty polishing system that really works wonders on pin playfields and he does some of the best restorations. 
Sells Pin and Video game items like hard to find Translucent leaf switch buttons for your MAME control panel.
Clay has the best technical information available on the net on pins with a lot of it presented on his "This Old Pinball" DVD's.  I've picked up his Haunted House, Black Hole and Twilight Zone DVD's and they are hysterical and packed with information.
Kerry Stair a great guy that sells Scoop protectors and Scoop assemblies.  Stronger and better looking No Good Gophers Slam Ramps are now available!  Check out his killer Monster Bash restoration also. 
Steve Young manufactures and sells reproduction factory parts for Gottlieb pins.  Huge inventory of hard to locate items.
Don sells  pinball enhancements and speaker upgrades that are totally plug-n-play.  His speakers are in just about all of my pins.
Cliffy's Passion for Pinball Scoop Protectors for preventing further wear for popular pinball machines.  Cliffy is the man!
Pinball pal offers stencils for re-painting some great classics like KISS, Star Trek and Black Hole.  They also sell replacement blue lenses for Gottlieb pins and flipper side protectors.

Pinball Hall of Fame Flyer Reference

The PHFR hosts a butt-load of original scans of original flyers that were sent to operators to advertise their games.
Pinball Classifieds ads and the home of the well written Mr. Pinball Price Guide
Pinball Playfield Restoration and Clear Coating
Bill Davis Want your playfield protected and to look like a basketball court?  Also does pinball Playfield restoration and clear coating.
 Tom Wible   Twilight Zone Pinball Machine Accessories.  Unfortunately, only an archive at the moment as Tom is taking a break from the business end of pinball.

An explanation of every Twilight Zone Mod ever created and whom to buy them from

Bill Ung's must do Attack from Mars mini saucer mod.  This kit includes everything one needs to install LED's in all your mini saucers including a complimentary set of screw drivers.  Bill even gives you a choice of red or green LED's for your AFM.
Pinball Links The name says it all - Games, Owners Lists, Manufacturers, information and the list goes on.  This site hasn't seen any updates in a while but it is still up at the moment.
Google group for sharing pinball information with other collectors.  Filled with some of the most passionate and sometimes cantankerous bunch of goons out there.  I'm one of them =)

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Flippers Aeneas Verhé's incredible site with TONS of reviews and information for hours of perusing.
Edward Cheung Ed's one of the nicest guys around.  His restoration techniques are extremely well documented and helpful. 
Also, sells CD's with all your favorite tunes ripped from the games themselves.
Pin Geek Your one stop for pinball, including pinball DVD's for sale.  Very cool page on pinball games seen in Movies and Television.
Steve's website details his hobbies including kites, pool, games and much more.  Of course he has an awesome collection of Electronic and EM pins.  Steve has one of the most extensive links page for pinball you will ever find.
Barry Schiffer's Basement Arcade Barry's gameroom has been noted several times by local and nationwide media.  Barry couldn't be a nicer guy and fellow collector.
The Pinball Wizard Torbjörn Molander's collection and informative site.  A complete list of Williams/Bally Pinball "Cows and Easter Eggs" can be found here!
Ken's great pinball site with custom cards, videos, world wide pinball locator.  Tons of information on his site to check out.


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