Manufacturer:  Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Production Run: 3,350

Released:  1998

Design Team:

Game Design: George Gomez
Mechanics: Chris Shipman, Robert C. Friestl
   Artwork:  Kevin O'Connor
Software: Lyman F. Sheats Jr
Sound and Music: Vince Pontarelli

My Monster Bash

Date of Manufacture: 

Serial Number: 

Condition:  Shopped, Working 100%

Sold:  April 2008


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      Six of Universal Studios most famous Monsters form a band and together they play at the Monster Bash. Who knew they could even play instruments or sing for that matter? Monster Bash features the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman and Dracula that are all beautifully represented on the playfield. Even Dr. Frankenstein and Egor are present.

        Collect all the monsters and their instruments to start the Monster Bash, Mosh Pit and Monsters of Rock modes. In Drac Attack Dracula comes out into the middle of the playfield while trying to dodge your shots. Frankenstein actually rises up from the laboratory table extending his arms after he's assembled. The Brides head pivots up and down, as she gets ready to meet the man of her dreams. In Mummy Mayhem the Mummy is revealed after his sarcophagus pushes open. The Creature is under green plexi glass and comes up from the Lagoon during the Creature Feature mode. Full Moon Feature includes the Wolf-man as begins to itch and gets hairy.

        If you like interactive toys, horror monsters and campy humor then Monster Bash is a pin for you. Designed by one of the geniuses behind Pinball 2000, George Gomez delivers a pin that is a lot of fun to play, watch and hear. The game also includes a "Phantom Flip" feature that will make certain shots on the playfield like "Thing Flips" in The Adams Family. The music is top notch with some modes having creepy organ music. The speech is amusing and varied enough not to get old.  The light show and DMD animations are some of the best in pinball.  The game feels like it was done in the spirit of Elvira and the Party Monsters and Scared Stiff.  Speaking of Elvira...she makes an appearance in the backglass (see below).  Top to bottom Monster Bash is really entertaining with solid flowing shots.  While not the deepest pin around, its pure eye and ear candy make it a fun pin to play.


Shop Job included:

Completely stripped the playfield to clean, polish and wax.  Underside of playfield and all lenses cleaned.  Flippers, pop bumpers and slingshots completely rebuilt.  The cabinet was stripped and all imperfections filled with bondo then sanded flat.  The inside/outside of the cabinet and hardware was repainted for decals. 

The New:  NOS cabinet decals, rails, legs, leg bolts, leg brackets, playfield plastics DMD display, lamps, flashers, rubber, Kerry scoop hole protector flipper/launch button and monsters. 

Upgrades:  Latest game ROM's, Pinball Pro cabinet and backboard speakers


Did you know

In the game there is a "Cow palace" venue.

In the Mosh Pit Multiball animation you can see a cow skeleton on the left side of the screen.

A DOHO is seen in the graveyard when Igor finds a part for the monsters body. Scott Slomiany (aka. Scott Matrix) "created" the DOHO and it stands for Doris Ho, Scott's wife.

Elvira, Elvis, a second Dracula and Wonder Woman can be seen on the backglass.

With a game started, press the following sequence: B, 11L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 6L, 1R (that spells KEF). If entered successfully Lyman Sheats will say "Totally" and your next award at the "venue" scoop will be "Lyman's Lament".  Hitting the scoop with this ball will start Lyman's Lament, playing different music along with the voice of programmer Lyman Sheats commenting while that ball is played.