Manufacturer:  Merit

Model:  Titanium

Released:  2002

Purchased:  January, 2005

Condition:  Working 100% - 9 of 10


Work done or Installed

Upgraded from "Gold" to "Titanium"

Upgraded CD-ROM to Hard drive and added additional memory

Replaced touch screen - Old one had a damaged membrane


Megatouch Quick Reference

MegaTouch Specs  and Upgrade reference 

MegaTouch XL and other Manuals

MegaTouch XL - CD to Hardrive Conversion




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        I know what youíre saying - itís not really an arcade game but the simple game play is fun and extremely addictive.  Sit down with a beer or two and you'll find yourself playing several hours later - guaranteed.  Itís a type of game that your girlfriend, fiancťe or wife will allow you to get with little to no resistance or justification.  The "I got this for you" goes better with a MegaTouch than a Mappy or Berzerk, trust me.  Click on the  above screen shots to view the game movies. 


        MegaTouch games are usually found in bars or pool halls like Champion Billiards and are basically PC's.   They are upgradeable to newer versions depending on the hardware and processor speed of your current system.  The cabinet of my Mega rests on a Lazy Susanne and can be swiveled easily left or right for viewing.  Itís a good thing to because itís a deceivingly heavy little beast.  My MegaTouch XL Gold was purchased from Anthony at Quarter Arcade.  I recently had it upgraded to a 2002 Titanium version by Jay at Funhouse Amusements.  The Titanium version required upgrading it from a CD-ROM to hard drive (much faster).  The XL Titanium comes with over 55 games to play listed below. 



11-Up Battle 31 Crazy Hearts Euchre Nights
Great Solitaire Outer Spades Pile High Power Solitaire
Quik Cell Royal Flash Run 21 Take 2
Trip Flip Tri Towers Wild 8'S Zip 21



Gender Bender Jumble Safari Mystery Phraze Photo Hunt
Power Trivial Snap Shot Trivia Whiz



3 Blind Mice 11 Ball Back Jammin Boxxi
Checkerz Chug 21 Conquest Fast Lane
Four Play Funky Monkey Match 'Em Up Memoree 2001
Merry Maidens Monster Madness Moondrop Pix Mix
Quik Match Route 66 Super Route 66 Tai-Play
Wild Apes



Foxy Boxxi Match 'Em Up Memoree  2001 Mystery Phraze
Pix Mix Photo Hunt Power Trivia Strip Club
Trivia Whiz



Air Shot Box Glide Hoop Jones
Hooter Puck Shot Tennis Ace