Manufacturer:  Namco licensed to Bally Midway for US

Released:  1982

World Record:  827,980

Purchased:  September 2004

Condition:  Working 100% - 7 of 10

Sold:  May 2006



Work done

Thoroughly cleaned cabinet inside and out

Repaired cabinet support for control panel

Reproduction Marquee and CPO - Thanks to Darin at Phoenix Arcade

New Locks and keys

Recapped monitor and installed new flyback


Still to Do

Repair cabinet bottom

Sand/Paint Front and Coin-door

T-Molding, kick plate and Leg levers



    None at this time but could possibly share this cabinet with a Galaga PCB (Both games use identical wiring cabinet hardware).  Another possibility is a 3 in 1 with Space Invaders, Mappy and Galaga.


Mappy Quick Reference

Mappy Manual

Mappy Arcade Flyer



Mappy Sounds

In game music

Now on with the story!

Game over

Mappy Caught



       Did you know that Mappo is a Japanese slang term (slightly insulting) for a policeman?  This is how they likely came up the the title "Mappy".  "Nyamco", is a play on "Namco", and nyanko, the Japanese equivalent of "kitty cat".  Click on Mappy and Meowky above hear game music!








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New Repro Marquee


    Mappy is one of those games that truly capture the arcade experience in my opinion.  Its happy atmosphere and great game play make it extremely addictive.  You'll have a hard time getting Mappy's music out of your head once you play a few times.  The very colorful and unique cabinet was half size of a regular cabinet.  The marquee is massive measuring in at 22 inches wide by 16 inches tall and catches your attention immediately.  Both cabinet and marquee were covered with artwork featuring the amusing cast of characters from the game.  I first played Mappy at a 7-11 in Lehighton, PA.  This was when 7-11's had a few games in them.  That summer I instantly became a fan of Mappy.

    Mappy's game play is essentially this.  The player guides Mappy from the Micro-Police through a mansion of the Mewkies (kittens) to retrieve stolen merchandise. The mansion has six floors of long hallways in which the stolen items have been placed. Mappy and the Mewkies can move between the floors by jumping on trampolines.  In addition to the Mewkies, there is one Nyamco (big cat) per level. The level is completed when all the stolen merchandise is recovered.

    Mappy's only way to defend himself is by slamming doors that are in the hallways.  Mappy can slam open or shut a door to temporarily knock out the Mewkies or Nyamco. Some of these are special "microwave doors" which release a wave which sweeps away any cat in its path (even off the edge of the screen.)

    Mappy also has challenge/bonus stages similar to Galaga or Gyrus.  You must bounce across a series of trampolines, popping suspended balloons along the way.  A bonus is awarded if all the balloons are popped before the music ends.

    I purchased my Mappy on 9/24/04 off of eBay.  The add was placed by Anthony Quarter Arcade who is one of the nicest guys in the business.  The cabinet needs a little TLC but for the most part itís clean.  The marquee is original and has some fading but is nice. From what I hear, most Mappy marquees suffer from severe fading. 


    Below are current photos and the original eBay auction - sort of a before and after.  Darin at Phoenix Arcade made an incredible repro marquee and CPO that I've recently installed.  I will have to do some cabinet work on the bottom as there is moderate to severe splintering.   I will post my progress as I clean and restore parts of it.  Click on the arrows below to scroll and select the pictures.