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        Stern is the last companies of its kind that is still actively producing pinball machines.  Lord of the Rings (LOTR) has been one of Stern's most popular games making several production runs since its first release in 2003.  All three LOTR movies are represented in the game with authentic speech, sound and music. Not since Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure has a pinball company had access to a movie while designing a game.  LOTR had one of pinball's most creative and successful designers of all time, George Gomez.  George created a fast playfield layout with center ring that catches and holds pinball's during play. The game artwork is bright, rich and faithful to the story line and immediately draws the player in.  Running underneath it all is a  deep rule set that is extremely challenging.  Even if the average pin enthusiast isn't an incredibly huge fan of the franchise, there is no denying that LOTR is a fun and exciting game to experience.  This is Stern's best pinball game in my opinion.

        A few quick highlights on the playfield are moving Balrog with built-in flashlamp, blocks center ramp at times.  Tower that "collapses" on certain scoring features.  Mini-playfield that encourages nudging.


Did you know?

Press the following sequence in Attract mode for a "secret message".

2L, 1R, 2L, 1R, 2L, 1R, 2L, 1R


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Manufacturer:  Stern Pinball, Inc

Production Run: ~5,100

Released:  December 2003

Design Team:

        Game Design: George Gomez, Keith P. Johnson, Chris Granner

        Artwork:  Jerry Vanderstelt, Kevin O'Connor, Margare Hudson
        Software: Keith P. Johnson, Dwight Sullivan
      Sound and Music: Chris Granner

Mr. Pinball's Price Guide: 

2009  $3,400-$3800


My Lord of the Rings

Date of Manufacture:  May 8, 2006

Serial Number:  200119

Purchased:  May 16, 2006

Condition:  Mint - Purchased New in Box


Lord of the Rings Quick Reference

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Lord of the Rings Sounds

LOTR - Intro Music

LoTR - TTT Helms Deep Music

LOTR - You have my sword, bow and axe

LOTR - Tree Beard - Ents

LOTR - Sourman - A new power...

LOTR - Boromere - A tomb...

LOTR -  Pippian - You need someone with Intelligence

LOTR - Gandalf - Cannot pass!



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