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Welcome to my hobby of collecting Coin-op Video and Pinball games from the past.  Whether you are new to the hobby or have been collecting for years, this site is dedicated to the little kid in all of us with a pocket full of quarters.  The arcades in malls and shopping centers have all become extinct but their memories live on in the basements of a few passionate collectors.

I spent so many hours in the Arcades as a kid gazing at the lights and sounds that it was inevitable a few would end up in my home as an adult.   These are my current and past games since starting my collection in 2001.  There are a ton of photo's, sounds, videos, and links.  Hopefully, you will find something interesting while visiting.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Habo's Arcade Attack From Mars


            Habo's Arcade What's New?           


Spooky Pinball  released a details on Rob Zombie's Spookshow International  and has begun taking down payments.  Below is the promo video!



While at the Rocky Mountain Pinball show the Spooky Pinball announced their second title will be a licensed theme.  The theme features everything from House of 1000 Corpses to Living Dead Girl, the table will pull from all aspects of Robís career. Brand new speech is being recorded with Rob, Sheri Moon, and Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding. Alex Horley, who is Robís CD artist and has also worked on Magic: The Gathering and World Of Warcraft, will be doing the artwork for the table.



Started a Multicade page with information...



2013 has been a quite year for the game room.  A few quick highlights -



After making a few quick references for rubber ring locations I decided to organize some of the restorations I've done.  Now there is a dedicated Restoration page with a big section on Shopping Out Pinball Machines.  I need to redo a few things but the links should stay the same while building it. 



Made rubber ring lists for just about all of my pins past and present for quick reference.  These will eventually be located on their respective pages.  For now they are below.  It's nothing fancy but I got tired of looking for my manual for just this page. 

Attack From Mars    Bram Stokers Dracula    Cirqus Voltare

Funhouse    Guns N Roses    Revenge From Mars   

Monster Bash    No Good Gophers    Star Wars Episode 1   

Scared Stiff    Star Trek the Next Generation    White Water

Remaining lists are for Black Hole, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Tron and Twilight Zone




Tron Limited Edition  pinball number 338 of 400 now in the line up!

Tron Le Pinball at Habo's Arcade


Created a page for my Bram Stokers Dracula Pinball finally

Bram Stoker's Dracula at Habo's Arcade




Hello and welcome 2012!  Like my page on Facebook. 

Start the year off with a new House Mix from my good buddy Billy Tolley aka "DJ Inferno".  Billy has flourished as DJ in Las Vegas for nearly a decade which is no easy feat.  He also is the equipment tech for the hit show Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. Billy has hours of cool mixes FREE to download.  One of my favorites is the Flux Capacitor Mix!!!

"Released August 2007 Flux Capacitor is a high energy mix of hard house music sure to get your heart rate up. Great for workouts and running (So I'm told) Special intro from one of the greatest movies of all time: Back To The Future. Run for it Marty!!!"

DJ Inferno aka Billy Tolley



PhotonJust picked up an beautifully restored Reactor


  • Various updates on the pin pages

  • Working on Dracula, Revenge from Mars and Star Wars Episode 1 pages


Stern Berzerk Cabaret Mini Cabinet


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Restoring/Shopping out a High Speed 2 pin

Coil Wrapper Scans

Guns N'Roses Owners List

Lord of the Rings Alternative Apron Decal

Coin-Op Classics to Go!

Funhouse Topper/Header

Installing a Control Panel Overlay

Van Halen's "Jump" done to Mame

Seinfeld Clip of George and the Frogger Machine

Multi Game Switch for use with a Multi Jamma setup


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