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Manufacturer:  Data East

Production Run: ~ 3,000

Released:  1994

Design Team:

        Game Design: Joe Karminkow, John Borg, Lyman F. Sheats Jr., Slash

        Artwork:  Markus Rothkranz
        Software: Lonnie D. Ropp, Orin Day, Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
      Sound: Brian Schmidt
Axl Rose, Slash, Gilby Clark, Brian Schmidt

Purchased:  April 2006

Date of Manufacture:  Aug. 21, 1994

Serial Number:  112756


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     With their unique sound and unusual mix of rock, blues and punk, Guns N' Roses undoubtedly was one of the most influential bands of their time.  The band obtained success during the period of 1987-1993, but the personalities of different band members, coupled with their heavy drug abuse and the controversial actions of lead singer Axl Rose hindered the group's ability to work together. Rose is the only original member in the current lineup.  I had the chance in November 2006 to see GnR on their Chinese Democracy tour.  I was a little apprehensive at first but after the show was over I was a reincarnated fan. 

     The band might be broken up but the Guns N' Roses pinball still lives on with their hard hitting songs that still hold up over time.   The pinball cabinet is a wide-body giving about an extra 4 inches of playfield.  The huge layout of nice feeling shots to make.  The playfield has an upper flipper to make the inner orbit which stretches a third of the top of playfield around the pop bumpers. Instead of a plunger the player will find a colt 45 silver pistol and sturdy feeling trigger to launch the ball.  The opposite side touts a rose plunger specifically for launching the ball into the "Snake Pit". 

The artwork for Gun N' Roses is done faithfully in heavy use of blacks, reds and greens.  The ramps are done in with bright yellow, red and green that sets off the rest of the playfield.  The artwork is hand drawn and really well done.  It will take you several times of playing to see everything on the playfield.  Some of the artwork feature past albums with the mixings of band members jamming out.  The playfields also sports scantily clad women especially in the sling shot and multi-ball areas. 

The whole playfield is appealing and fairly wide open considering all the game features in it.  There are 2 giant ramps laid out over the playfield, one for "Guns" the other "Roses.  There is a captive ball on the top left hand corner that has its on little space of playfield to score points off of targets.  One of the pop bumpers is also shares some of the action by being included in this area.  Additionally the pin features 2 ramps, 3 flippers, 3 game controlled magnets, auto launcher, video mode with 3 and 6 ball multi-ball.  Finally the game belts out the famous "Welcome to the Jungle", "Knightrain", Mr "Brownstone", "Coma", "Paradise City", "My Michelle", "Sweet Child O' Mine"  "Aint Going Down" which is the only official release of the song  all with Guns and Roses hits playing in the background . 

The game has nine guitar modes to complete;  

1. Axl 3-Ball: A total of three balls are put into play, and shooting the center flashing scoop target scores a mini-jackpot, which starts at 10 million points.

2. Dizzy Ball: A total of two balls are put in play, shooting either ramp scores 10 million points, plus one million more for each ramp previously hit.

3. Duff Rocks: There are targets which can only be hit by a captive ball, which, when a ball hits it, will move towards these targets. Hitting 10 such targets earns 100 million points.

4. Extra Ball: The player automatically earns an extra ball.

5. Gilby Rolls: The player plays a 'video mode', where the flipper buttons are used to move a motorcycle around. Hitting pedestrians and avoiding cars awards points. 143 million points can be earned in total.

6. Lite Coma: The Coma light is lit. When Coma is activated, the player gets a two-ball multiplayer, and can hit the right hole for a jackpot which starts at 10 million points. Hitting this hole in 20 seconds or less adds a ball.

7. Matt Scoring: Every switch (bumper, ramp, etc) scores 250,000 points, and after several switches, the points increase. Hitting the left orbit gains a jackpot which starts at 10 million points.

8. Slash Solo: Shoot any orbit for a score which starts at 20 million, and goes up to 50 million. At that time, the player has a few seconds to hit an orbit or the round ends.

9. Super Snake Pit: Hitting the left ramp (the "G" Ramp) scores a value which starts at 50 million and decreases until it hits 15 million points. At that time, the player has a few seconds to hit the ramp or the round ends.

After these nine modes are completed is "Riot". In this mode, all of the machine's 6 balls are in play.