Below are pinball machines and video games that I owned in the past.  Don't worry because they all went to good homes where they will be loved and cared for also.   I thought of just deleting the pages but I still have a soft spot in my heart for each of them so they will stay.  Obtaining the game is always half the fun!           

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Habo's Arcade Current Collection



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Habo's Arcade Attack From Mars

Habo's Arcade Big Bang Bar #17

Habo's Arcade Discs of Tron

Habo's Arcade Tron Legacy 338

Habo's Arcade Twilight Zone

Habo's Arcade Scared Stiff

Habo's Arcade Restoration and Cool Stuff


Lord of the Rings Alternative Apron Decal

ROM Pack Multi-PCB JAMMA Board (08/18/07)

Coin-Op Classics to Go!

Funhouse Topper/Header

Attack From Mars Relay - Strobe Multi-ball in TOTAL darkness thanks to Matt!

Installing a Control Panel Overlay

Van Halen's "Jump" done to Mame

Seinfeld Clip of George and the Frogger Machine

Multi Game Switch for use with a Multi Jamma setup


Contact "Habo"

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Browse arcade by clicking on marquees below


    Habo's Arcade BerzerkHabo's Arcade Black HoleHabo's Arcade Cirqus Voltaire Habo's Arcade Family GuyHabo's Arcade FunhouseHabo's Arcade FrenzyHabo's Arcade Super High ImpactHabo's Arcade Lord of the Rings

Habo's Arcade Mappy

Habo's Arcade Multicade Habo's Arcade Monster BashHabo's Arcade Multigame Mortal KombatHabo's Arcade Gottlieb ReactorHabo's Arcade Robotron (mini)

Habo's Arcade Tron (mini)Habo's Arcade White WaterHabo's Arcade Wrestle Mania





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