Manufacturer:  Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Production Run:  10,750 units   

Released:  November 1990

Design Team:
Concept: Pat Lawlor
Game Design: Larry DeMar,  Pat Lawlor
Mechanics: John Krutsch
Artwork: John Youssi
Software: Larry DeMar
Sound: Ed Boon, Jon Hey
Music: Chris Granner

World Record:  37,712,710

Purchased:  March, 2005

Sold:  February 2007

Date of Manufacture:  01/08/1991

Serial Number:  572984

Condition:  Completely Shopped and Working 100% with new cabinet artwork and translite - 9.5 of 10


Funhouse Quick Reference and MODS (click below)

    Manual (12MB)

    Funhouse Flyer

    Rule Sheet

    Parts List

    Cows and Easter Eggs

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    Myspace Page

    Funhouse Protectors by "Cliffy"

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Funhouse Sounds

    Multiball and Jackbot music with Rudy

    Rudy "Who's the Dummy"

    "Funhouse! Ah Ha Ha Ha"


Find out what Rudy is Saying

Funhouse Lighted Topper



      Ed Boon is the voice of the taunting Rudy in Funhouse.  Ed is most notable as one of the co-creators of Mortal Kombat.  Ed also did voices and sounds for the MK series including Liu Kang, Raiden, Shao Khan and various screams.


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     Funhouse features the smart mouthed ventriloquist dummy Rudy.  Rudy's head comes to life on the playfield with moving eyes, eyelids and mouth that was coined "Pin-mation" by Williams.  While playing, Rudy watches the pinball and always has something to say.  Funhouse features 3 flippers, 3 ball multiball, several skill shots and festive music to go along with its carnival like atmosphere.  Rudy was a cool concept by Pat Lawlor that was ahead of its time, making Funhouse a very unique pin.

    Ventriloquist dummies (and clowns) can be just plain creepy (Creepy, Creepy 2, Creepy 3).  Several movies and television episodes come to mind that might have inspired Pat Lawlor in creating Rudy.  Before Rudy there was Hugo from "Dead of Night" (1945), Willie from The Twilight Zone's (1962), "The Dummy" and Corky from "Magic" (1978).  

    "Magic" staring Anthony Hopkins.  Remember the preview?  - "Abracadabra, I sit on his knee.  Presto, change-o, and now he's me! Hocus Pocus, we take her to bed. Magic is fun...we're dead."  Hopkins plays the disturbed and reclusive ventriloquist that believes his dummy (Corky) is alive.  In this typical family oriented - feel good movie, Hopkins loses control over his dummy Corky and goes on a murder spree.  The movie poster for "Magic" and the dummy Corky have a lot of similarities with Funhouse.  (Magic, Magic 2 )


Did you know?

The High Score initials are sometimes replaced with "RUDY".

The red button is held by Rudy on the backglass.

On the backglass, the man with the boy on his shoulders is artist John Youssi. The boy is his son, who also modeled for the inspiration of Rudy.

On the backglass to the far left you can read "Ride the Whirlwind". This is
a reference to "Whirlwind", another pin by Pat Lawlor.