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Family Guy - Cast

Family Guy is comedy for all tastes. If you don't find it funny, there's probably something wrong with you. Or maybe you're just one of the people this clever little cartoon takes a pot shot at. Each episode is always filled with pop culture references and even cameos of other cartoon characters.  It's topical. It's edgy. It takes political correctness and tosses it right out the window.

          Come spend some time with the Griffins. Peter's the obnoxious, befuddled father. Lois is the loving mother. Son Chris is often confused, and daughter Meg is too smart for her own good. Speaking of smart, we'll all be in trouble if maniacal genius Stewie (the baby of the family) gets his way. Oh, and don't forget the martini-sipping mutt, Brian. (He talks so much, you couldn't forget him if you try.) This perfectly normal suburban family is the brainchild of mad-genius creator Seth MacFarlane.

          Family Guy features a mini pinball playfield with mini-flippers, mini-slings and even a mini-ball, it's a true mini-playfield.  Some classic Pat Lawlor features can be found such as the two inlanes on the left side and the cross-playfield shot from the side flipper.  Dominant on the playfield is Stewie's mini-pinball game in the upper right corner where to achieve world domination he has to destroy each member of the family.

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Family Guy - ATeam    Family Guy - Osama    Family Guy - Peters Retarded    Family Guy - Passionpart2

Family Guy - Trivia        Family Guy - Jackass    Family Guy - Guy on cellphone



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Manufacturer:  Stern Pinball, Inc

Released:  2007

Production Run: ~ 3400

Designed by:  Pat Lawlor

Sound and Music: David Thiel


My Family Guy

Date of Manufacture:  March 21, 2007

Serial Number:  207867

Purchased:  September 5, 2007

Condition:  Purchased New in Box


Family Guy - Whats behind the milk


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Main Pinball Theme

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Family Guy - Evil Monkey

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