Manufacturer:  Bally Midway

Released:  1983

Cabinet Type:  Upright

World Record:  418,200

Purchased:  February, 20 2008


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Discs of Tron

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Discs of Tron Data Bit at Habo's Arcade

Discs of Tron is inspired by the 2 short sequences in the movie (Tron, 1982 Disney).   Tron is introduced, beating four 'computer players' very early in the movie.  Later, the character Flynn beats another trapped program in a futuristic Jai-alai “esk” type game and eventually 'derezzes' him.   

Discs of Tron - Death of Sark“Discs of Tron” pits players against the evil Sark in an all out battle royal on the game gride.  Sark is the defender of the Master Control Program in the movie TRON.  As “TRON” the savoir program of the electronic world players fling Frisbee like “identity” discs at Sark in attempt to either knock him off his platform or “derezz” him all together.  Players can throw up to 3 discs at a time until they ricochet and return like a boomerang.  A deflector can be activated to repel standard discs giving that extra second to try and escape.  Sark not only armed with identity discs like TRON but also has three additional weapons: energy pellets, chasers and super chasers that can only be destroyed with the discs. Difficulty increases as different configurations of platforms and walls are added in a three dimensional environment.  In later wavs players can affect the crosshair level for aiming in all 360 degrees of the playfield.  The AI for Sark immediately takes full advantage of extra control and sometimes the action is overwhelming.  The skill and dexterity needed for for controlling TRON rival that of Robotron

Discs of Tron - KillBoth TRON and (unofficial sequel) Discs of Tron feature beautiful cabinet art with characters and objects from the movie.  Neon circuit lines accentuate the artwork especially the control panel where blacklight/ultraviolet lighting make everything seem come alive and glow.  The blue joystick is also reactive to the blacklight and is absolutely stunning when seeing it in person.  The monitor is reflected onto a mirror that projected the image background artwork.  The effect produced 3D like image with additional artwork of the TRON cityscape.  Discs of Tron was released a year later due to time and technology restraints in an upright (pictured) and environmental cabinets.  The environmental version has a few extra features from the smaller upright and is coveted among collectors in good condition.


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