Look!  Up on that building!  Its a bird!  Its a hellicopter!  Its...  CRAZY CLIMBER          







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New T-Molding and Control Panel



    Crazy Climber has always been a favorite game of mine even though I only had the chance to play it a few times when I was a kid.  I first saw it at the Golden Dome in Greenbelt Maryland.  Crazy Climber had very memorable music and comical characters that tried to keep you from reaching the top of each skyscraper.  The game play was simple but also very challenging. I believe it was a close runner up for being one of the first talking games for its time besides Berzerk and Stratovox.   The first official talking game was Stratovox.

    I was able to finally get my hands on this sweet cabaret making it my second arcade game.  The cabaret cabinet is extremely rare and you hardly ever see them for sale.  The only picture I've ever seen of one is on the Taito arcade flyer (see side bar).  I purchased this game from a really great collector that posted it on eBay July 9 2004.  I later found out that he just happened to live in my neighborhood right around the corner.  Thanks again Bo!

    Just about everything on this Crazy Climber is original including the joysticks.   It only needed a good cleaning and minor restoration to bring it up to par.  The original T-Molding was replaced and new locks were installed.  The joysticks needed to be cleaned and rebuilt as they weren't working well. The control panel was also replaced with a reproduction.

    Tim at Arcade collecting has made a few major improvements hacking the code in Crazy Climber.  His work is detailed on his site and even has the code for downloading if you’re interested in tackling the project. Click on the arrows below to scroll through the pictures.


















Manufacturer:  Nihon Bussan Co. Ltd licensed to Taito for US

Released:  1980

World Record:  487,150

Designed and programmed by : Shigeki Fujiwara

Condition:  Working 100% - 9 of 10

Purchased:  July, 2004

Sold:  April, 2005


Work done

Thoroughly cleaned cabinet inside and out

Cleaned and rebuilt joysticks

Installed new T-Molding

New Locks and keys

Leg levers

Reproduction CPO


Crazy Climber Qucik Reference

Crazy Climber Hack

Arcade Flyer


Crazy Climber Sounds

Reaching the top!

"Go for it!

Start of Game