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Front and Right Side


When the Moon is Full and trees are bare - walk through the Cemetery if you dare.  Where skeletons rot and corpses fester - locate the tomb with the skull of a Jester.  Feed him the token all shiny and new - it is then that CarneEvil will return for YOU!

Local Legend - Greely Valley Iowa


CarnEvil is a first person shooter that takes the players through several portions of a haunted amusement park. The park is filled with bizarre creatures and the undead.  CarnEvil rises from the ground when a token is placed at the tomb of the jester.  Blast your way through the Freaks Show, Rickety Town, Haunted House and Big Top while defeating each levels boss.  The final showdown takes place in Ludwig von Tokkentakker Zeppelin in a blood filled frenzy. Get gun power ups and extra health while trying not to shoot civilians.  CarnEvil features great graphics with tons of blood, gore and disturbing images.  The intense game play is mixed thoroughly with an abundance dark humor.  

CarnEvil was an instant classic with dark theme that is one of my favorites like the Playstations Thrill Kill and Mortal Kombat series. 






Carnevil Jester at Habo's Arcade



Manufacturer:  Midway

Released:  1999

Based on a concept by : Jack E. Haeger

World Record:  2,083,180

Purchased:  April 2005

Condition:  Working 100% - 8 of 10

Sold:  July 2005


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Jester describes the Freakshow


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