Approximately a 1000 Reactor's were produced by Gottlieb making it a highly collectable coin-op today.  Reactor's attract mode had some very memorable and intense music.  Click here to listen



        Installing a new control panel overlay (CPO) can be intimidating and painful experience if not done carefully.  The adhesive on the back of a good reproduction CPO is very strong and once it touches a surface its a done deal.  To date I've replaced 3 control panels and have screwed only one up.  These are some of the techniques that have work for me though. 

        Start by stripping the old CPO off.  There are several ways to do this but believe it or not, I've always used my grill on a low setting.  The heat makes the CPO extremely easy to remove.  I picked this up from Clay over at Multigame.  You must remove all the adhesive, dirt and any rust before putting on the new CPO.  Check out my Burgertime Restoration and Mappy pages for more info and photo's.

        Below are pics of my Tron mini CPO being installed.  Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.



1. Start by lining up your new CPO on your control panel and use your existing buttons to hold it in place. Using clips also helps if you have them.

2. We will start with the bottom of your control panel. Flip your control panel over and score the adhesive backing with a razor very gently. We only want to cut the paper backing not the control panel.

3. Peel off the paper backing and slowly lift CP onto the adhesive. Try to make sure to do this evenly so air doesn’t get trapped creating bubbles.

4. Curl the rest of the CPO onto the bottom of your control panel.

5. A hairdryer can be used to make it more pliable.

6. Now its time to apply the top of the CPO. Remove your buttons since they are no longer needed and now in the way of the overlay. The bottom will keep everything lined up.

7. Again, remove the paper backing and slowly roll the control panel onto the adhesive, making sure air doesn’t get trapped underneath.

8. As you remove the paper backing lay the CP onto the adhesive.

9. Finish curling the rest of the CPO onto your control panel. To be thorough you can apply clear packing tape on the top and bottom of the control panel to ensure your control panel from curling back up.


10. The finished CPO will hopefully last for many years and games to come.