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     I picked up Burgertime along with a Tron from Virginia Beach.  It didn't work when I purchased it but I was hopeful that it was something minor.  There was a noticeable burn mark on the power supply and verified that it was dead with a volt-meter.  I ordered a new switching power supply and Burgertime wiring harness from the Arcadeshop and I was immediately in business.  I also replaced the fluorescent lighting with one from Home depot as that was not working either. 


Cleaning and Painting

    The cabinet was cleaned inside and out.  To get the magic marker and some other paint scrapes off of the side art I used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  That thing is the best and is gentle enough to use on the side art.  The front was sanded, touching up any holes or gouges in the wood.  Then it was off to masking anything I didn't want spray painted including the front artwork.  I priming and painted the front with 2 coats of Rustoleum Primer and Satin Black each.  I sanded everything again in between prime coats.  I could have mixed paint and used a sprayer but for this simple of a job why re-invent the wheel? 


Control Panel

    The control panel was taken apart cleaning the controls and all wiring.  I picked up some reproduction artwork to replace the cracked original.  To get the old control panel overlay off I stuck it on the grill for 5 or 10 minutes until it started to bubble.  The heat from the grill makes the adhesive and control panel overlay peal off like bacon.  After the control panel has cooled I wiped off the adhesive with Goof off.  Be careful with this stuff because it will get you high as a kite.  A quick rinse in a bucket and then the control panel was sprayed with a rust remover.  There was rust where the control panel had cracked.  After about 20 minutes or so to let the rust remover work, the control panel was scrubbed with a Billow pad to remove the loosened rust and then rinsed once more.  I also did this to the control panel brackets underneath and any screws that were in need "de-rusting".  In order to quickly dry any exposed metal, I stuck everything in the oven to bake off the remaining water for about 15 minutes at about 200 degrees. 

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This is the picture posted on the original eBay ad