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Based directly off from the  Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 film version of Dracula.  Coppola has created such blockbuster movies as The Godfather I, II & III and Apocalypse Now.

Bram Stoker's Drucula - Oldman LickThe story begins with the Romanian Prince Vlad and the armies waging war against the Turks. He returns from the battle only to find his beloved Elizabeth lying dead in a pool of blood. She had received a deceitful letter stating that Prince Vlad had been killed in battle, so she flung herself from the castle turret.

Dracula renounces God and vows to avenge her death with “All the powers of darkness”, then drinks a cup of her blood.

The story goes on with Dracula going through various transformations from a young man to an old man, a wolf, a bat, and also a green mist.

The main story line is Dracula trying to win the hand of Mina, whom he thinks is the reincarnation of Elizabeth, and the battles he must do with Van Helsing, the “Vampire Killer” who is trying to destroy him. The film opened Friday, November 13, 1992.

Bram Stockers Dracula (BSD) is a much underrated game but in recent years has gained popularity among players.  The game designers tried to follow the story line as closely as possible with the features on this pin.

Bram Stoker's Drucula - Oldman LaughingIts playfield looks simple in terms of complexity but in actuality there's a lot to do.  The shots are a bit more difficult than the average pin.  The flipper size is slightly smaller making shots rely a more refined skill set. Besides Dracula, Fish Tales is the only other game I know that makes use of the smaller flipper bats. 

On the left side of the playfield represents the “Carfax Abby”.  Dracula’s manor house in London. The right side is “Dracula’s Castle” in Romania.  The very top of the playfield is the entrance to “video Mode” which simulates “wolves” being hunted in the graveyard.   The more accurate you are in shooting wolves the more bullets saves earning a higher bonus.

The shot under the right ramp leads into a “coffin”.  The coffin rests over the pop-bumpers area.   Pinball’s can be locked inside for coffin Multiball.  Inside the coffin is the Prince of Darkness himself. Besides being lit by a standard GI lamp the Prince is mainly dress. It's not the best rendition of Dracula but serves a purpose.

Bram Stoker's Drucula - Oldman BatRules for BSD allow for Multiball stacking. Up to three different Multiball variations could be active at the same time, with each successive active mode providing a jackpot multiplier of up to 3x.  The rules make use of the entire playfield with different ways to load up on points.

One of the coolest Multiball modes ever is "Mist Multiball". A magnet would drag a pinball across the playfield and the player would be required to knock it loose from the magnet's grasp to start the mode.

The artwork for the game makes use of black, red and blue which is a little unattractive and bland looking. The back glass artwork is one of my favorite translites and is a nice tribute to the film. The playfield art is hand drawn and well done. The deep reds and blacks are primarily used to carry the dark tone of the game. The DMD is unusual in that it is all in Red. Animations and dots are very well done and communicate the game play effectively.

Bram Stoker's Drucula - WaltzingBSD by far, makes some of the best use of dialog from a movie featuring Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. I believe Gary Oldman did a few custom calls for the game also. Locking the pinball's in the coffin and hearing the long raspy laugh of Oldman’s is so cool.

The music is a little bland but OK. The sound effects in conjunction with sound calls from the movie make up for the over simplistic tune playing in the background.

BSD is a very fun and playable game overall with many movie tie-ins.  It's one of my favorite pins!!!



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Bram Stoker's Drucula - Battle


Manufacturer:  Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Production Run: ~6,801

Released:  April 1993

Design Team:

Game Design: Barry Oursler, Mark Sprenger

Artwork:  Mark Sprenger  Software: Bill Pftuzenreuter        

Sound and Music: Paul Heitsch


Mr. Pinball's Price Guide: 

- 2011


My Dracula

Date of Manufacture: 10/24/1996

Serial Number:  57248102092

Purchased:  10/2011


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Dracula Sounds

Welcome to my home

Your impudent men with their foolish spells...

I am the monster...

You are safe with me

There is no life in this body

Do not fear me

There are no limits to science

Mist Multi-ball tune