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Assault Plus CPO




       Assault Plus can't really be considered a sequel but more of a software upgrade to the original.  Assault Plus was only released in Japan and it is assumed that it came as a kit.  I've never seen an Assault Plus cabinet or marquee to think any differently but who knows.   There aren't many resources about this game on the web.

        Additionally, on the "Namco Museum Volume 4" for the Sony Playstation there is an un-lockable that allows you to play Assault Plus.  Check out the Assault Home World for additional info and screen shots There is a a limited-edition soundtrack album for Assault (Namco Video Game Graffiti Vol.3 - VDR-5278) that was released in 1988.


Assault Plus Upgrade Made Easy

    If you have an Assault PCB, replace Assault's AT2MP0B and AT2MP1B with Assault Plus MPR0 and MPR1 respectively.  Hobby ROMs can burn these chips very reasonably and installation is easy.


New Features

- Intro now has music

- Intermission Screen

- Enemy Strengths and Colors were changed

- Different Colors

- 2 Skill Levels of play are now available

- Zero point glitch has been corrected

- Cocktail Table Mode







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