Habo's Attack From Mars



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Manufacturer:  Bally

Production Run: 3,450

Released:  1995

Design Team:

Concept:  Brian Eddy
Game Design: Brian Eddy
Mechanics: Robert C. Friesi
Artwork:  Doug Watson
Software: Lyman F. Sheats Jr
Sound: Dan Forden
Music: Dan Forden


My Attack from Mars

Date of Manufacture:  May 5, 1996

Serial Number:  53341703630

Condition:  Shopped, Working 100% with new cabinet decals

Purchased:  December 30, 2005

Rule the Universe - Inaugurated: February 4, 2006 9:29AM Reelected:  August 2, 2006 5:58PM


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Habo's Arcade Attack From Mars

    Attack from Mars (AFM) is by far one of the most fun pins that I've ever played.  Its no wonder that AFM ranked 3rd among pinball enthusiasts as one of their most favorite pins and a recent auction for one in February 2006 went for $8000.  To see all top 50 pinball machines visit Allen Shope's Treasure Cove.  The campy take on Martians and B Sci-Fi movies theme is hysterically recreated.  The goal is to save the planet from Martians battling them in France, Germany, Italy and of course the good old US.  Finally, you take one of their saucers and conquer them on their home planet, Mars.

Attack from Mars Martians    AFM has very bold color schemes that stands out among other pins and screams for attention.  The great back glass art features a chaotic scene with 3 green larger than life Martians, one carrying a typical damsel in distress.  When looking at the symmetrical playfield its pleasing to the eye.  The first thing you notice right away is the mother ship dead center at the top of the playfield.  Don't let the playfield fool you into thinking AFM is easy though because as it will kick your ass on a regular basis.  The mother ship dances wildly with strobe effects to simulate taking damage when striking the targets.  6 other smaller flying saucers are populated around the the mother ship.  4 Martian figures also adorn the playfield and surprisingly come to life during the "Martian Attack".  The animations on the AFM's display are some of the best and compliment the game play flawlessly.  My favorite is the extra ball and ball lock animations.  AFM has some of the best lighting including a strobe that enhance explosions and other game modes such as "Strobe Multi-ball".  Its the first pin that I've seen with an epilepsy warning near the apron.  The music, dialog and sound are all top notch and well done.  I'm not sure if this is true but it sounds as if the samples are less compressed then in other pins.  The inviting layout is easy to follow for beginning players oozes with flow.  The deep rule set will have seasoned ones coming back for more to try and "Rule the Universe".

    My AFM was recently shopped out by Jay and the crew at Funhouse Amusements with brand new 5 piece cabinet decals.  The red portions on one side and front of the cabinet was nearly white from being left in the sun.  Jay spent close to 15 hours prepping the cabinet and installing the decals alone.  I also added Treasure Cove's back board decal.  Allen Shope's decal shows a colorful city as a back drop for the Martian saucers.  What was also a nice touch were the Martian target decals. While I was at it, Bill Ung's awesome Mini Saucer LED Kit was added.   The kit truly adds to the pin and is professionally put together by Bill.  To take advantage of the great sound I've also installed Pinball Pro's speaker system.  This is the best sounding pin that I have to date with deep base while not drowning out the back box speakers.


Did you know?

Sometimes when you shoot the Big-O-Beam, a cow is displayed and a female voice says: "Would you look at the size of that cow?!" and a moo is heard.

Sometimes when you shoot the Tractor Beam, a cow is beamed up.
(View animation).  DOHO is also seen in this animation.

Whenever one of these animations appears, hit the Launch button repeatedly for lots of mooing sounds. Do this for both of the ramps and then the next Video mode will be Cow Attack Video mode, where the saucers has been replaced with mooing cows.

At very rare occasions one of the saucers in Saucer Attack Video mode will be replaced with the number 3. The smart bomb (see below) has no effect on the "3" and nothing happens when it reaches the ground, it just disappears below the horizon. The programmers added this Easter egg as a "homage" to a bug in the ST:TNG video mode which replaces the items in the tunnels with a "3".

Shoot the same Martian during Martian Multiball five times consecutively. Skull from No Fear appears saying "Again!"

Smart bomb: Press Launch button during Video mode to clear screen (works only once).

Tournament mode: Insert credits and hold both flipper buttons for a couple of  seconds before you press Start. The display will confirm that the next game will be in Tournament mode (Stroke of Luck award will always be 50M).

"Eat at Eddy's" can be seen on the backglass (designer Brian Eddy).

One of the default names in the Buy-In Score list is MOO.

The woman on the backglass is the secretary who worked in the reception at the WMS factory.

In the DMD animation for the Atomic Blaster Hurry Up there is a road sign passing by. This sign reads DOHO. Scott Slomiany (aka. Scott Matrix) "created" the DOHO and it stands for Doris Ho, Scottīs wife.

During Attract mode, press the following sequence:
B, 18L, 1R, 3L, 1R, 6L, 1R. That spells RCF and shows the credits for Attack from Mars.

Enter the tag MOO in the high score list and a nice "moo" will be heard.